Are you a trader and you are looking for a app which can trigger an alert when amount is above the expected stock price.

Hello all,

If you are looking for app which can you help in trigger alerts for stock price rise or down . Here i have called app name IFTTT app which has applets.

In IFTTT app there is a applet called Finance which is provided by Yahoo! company.

Visit link : to download this app for android or iPhone.

After downloading and installation of app, go to search and enter Finance.

IFTTT Setup Finance

and select below Finance icon

Finance Applet Icon

after opening Finance applet you can find some pre-defined applet.


search for trigger name : “Receive a push notification when company stock price above a specified price” to create trigger if stock price rise at specified price.

stock price increase

When you open the pre-defined trigger you will get like below

Select turn on
After selecting it will display this screen

Here you can see Price and Ticker Symbol options.

Price is like amount and Ticker Symbol is company stock Mnemonic.

To get Ticker Symbol visit this website:

For example i will take NSE

  1. First search NSE in yahoo finance website as belowNSE Search
  2. I could see there many stock names registered with name NSE, so i will select NIFTY 50 (.i.e. NSEI )
  3. After select NIFTY 50 then you will get below screen.NSEI
  4. Near NIFTY 50 you have Ticker Symbol in bracket i.e. ^NSEI
  5. Enter the Ticket Symbol and Price as show below as per you target and click on save.
    step up 21
  6. Now you have successfully configured the trigger that if Nifty 50 stock price is greater than Rs. 10570.00 then it will trigger notification.

Similarly you can try below types of trigger as per you requirement.