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Creating issues using github api if travis build is failed.

Hello People,

If you are trying to build some project in travis ci and if it is failed then you have to go to travis ci and login to website and search for the repository where you will trying to see last build failure information, so it a time taking process to search for the log.

Instead of doing long process, i have create a shell script which will execute when build is failed in travis ci and will communicate to github api to create issue and adds build failure link as below.


Please find the link below for createissue shell scripting code.

body="{ \"title\": \"Travis Build no. $TRAVIS_JOB_NUMBER failure \", \"body\": \"Error code: $TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT \n\n JOB URL : $TRAVIS_JOB_WEB_URL\", \"labels\": [\"critical\"]}"
curl -i \
-H "Authorization: token $TicketApi" \
-d "$body" \$TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG/issues

view raw

hosted with ❤ by GitHub

and add below code in .travis.yml file to create issue on build failure.

- wget -O
- chmod 777
- ./

This will create a issue on build failure and will help you in tracking in which issue you have fixed the build.

and add TicketApi environment variable in travis ci settings with github OAuth key.



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How to test java project using docker in Travis CI without Maven

Hello People,

This blog is regarding build and test any java project without maven i hope it will help beginner who started learning java course.

First Create a account in github and create a repostory and add .java code in the github.

For example i am testing with below sample java program in the travis ci and github using official java docker.

public class HelloWorld

public class HelloWorld{

public static void main(String h[])


System.out.println(“Hello World !”);



After creating java program and commit in github, visit : and signup/signin with github account, import the github project in travis ci and enable project for build and testing in travis ci.

After enabling in travis ci go to github and create .travis.yml file as below

language: bash

– docker

– docker pull java:7


– docker run –rm -v”$PWD”:/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp java:7 javac
– echo “Listing class files”
– ls -la
– echo “Output of java file”
– docker run –rm -v”$PWD”:/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp java:7 java HelloWorld

– docker rmi $(docker images -aq)

As soon as above program is committed in github, travis ci will automatically detect new commit in the master branch it will start build and testing based on .travis.yml configuration.

You can find the sample log in link :

I have created a sample project in github please visit to below link.

If you are patching code and creating a pull request between master and patch branch, it will start building and testing the code parallelly as a checks before merging into master branch as shown below.

This will give you confidence before merging patch branch to master or main branch of program.



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Are you a trader and you are looking for a app which can trigger an alert when amount is above the expected stock price.

Hello all,

If you are looking for app which can you help in trigger alerts for stock price rise or down . Here i have called app name IFTTT app which has applets.

In IFTTT app there is a applet called Finance which is provided by Yahoo! company.

Visit link : to download this app for android or iPhone.

After downloading and installation of app, go to search and enter Finance.

IFTTT Setup Finance

and select below Finance icon

Finance Applet Icon

after opening Finance applet you can find some pre-defined applet.


search for trigger name : “Receive a push notification when company stock price above a specified price” to create trigger if stock price rise at specified price.

stock price increase

When you open the pre-defined trigger you will get like below

Select turn on
After selecting it will display this screen

Here you can see Price and Ticker Symbol options.

Price is like amount and Ticker Symbol is company stock Mnemonic.

To get Ticker Symbol visit this website:

For example i will take NSE

  1. First search NSE in yahoo finance website as belowNSE Search
  2. I could see there many stock names registered with name NSE, so i will select NIFTY 50 (.i.e. NSEI )
  3. After select NIFTY 50 then you will get below screen.NSEI
  4. Near NIFTY 50 you have Ticker Symbol in bracket i.e. ^NSEI
  5. Enter the Ticket Symbol and Price as show below as per you target and click on save.
    step up 21
  6. Now you have successfully configured the trigger that if Nifty 50 stock price is greater than Rs. 10570.00 then it will trigger notification.

Similarly you can try below types of trigger as per you requirement.

How to create voip call to remaind your task using IFTTT App


  1. IFTTT App
  2. Internet or WiFi connection

IFTTT app is one of the Devops app which trigger notification for many kinds devops application like jenkins, docker, github, slack  by creating applet.

Here i will tell you how to use IFTTT app to get remainder over voice over internet call.

Visit link : to download this app for android or iPhone

After download and installing IFTTT app after launch it look as below


Go to My Applets as shown below and select + as highlighted below


After that you will get the screen as below and select on this which is blue colour


and search for date applet as shown below, select date & time applet


After selecting date and time applet you will get screen as below, select your trigger type like every day, every hour, weekly or monthly as you like


For example i am selecting Every day at and you will get below screen here you can setup time ( for example i have setup time at 7:00 AM ) and click on tick mark to redirect next screen


After configuring time you will get screen as below here you see this is replace with date & time applet. Now select that which is blue colour


After selecting that search for voip applet as shown below and select VoIP calls applet


After selecting VoIP Calls applet you will get screen as below and select Call my device


After selecting call my device you will screen as below now enter your message that you want hear over voip call and click on tick mark to redirect to next screen


After configuring voip call applet you get screen as shown below in 1st images.

Now you have to enable Receive notifications when this applet runs as shown below in 2nd image and then click on finish

Screenshot_20180217-232910.png Screenshot_20180217-232921

After selecting finish you will get screen as below it will ON automatically if it not switching ON slide right to ON application.


Now you have successfully configured voip call to get remainder of your important task.



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Free Accounting software: GnuCash



Hello friends,

Today’s blog is how to use GnuCash a free accounting software for personal accounting purpose.

First visit to website:


Download the GnuCash software it supports Windows, various Linux distribution, MacOS



Salary amount which I have entered is example don’t think I am earning 50k per month. ”


After installing software open GnuCash application


I am using CentOS so GUI is different for other OS.

After opening software you will get dialog box as below1

then Select New → New File it will display below dialog box


Click on Forward go to next

Select your currency as shown below in the dialog box


then Click on Forward go to next

For personal Accounting you don’t need to enter anything in New Book Option you can skip it


then Click on Forward

Select Categories as shown in dialog box

I recommend Common Accounts for personal accounting

You can add Education Loan and Mortgage Loan (optional)


and then click on Forward

Enter you amount in Cash in Wallet and Checking Accounting or else you can leave it as 0.00 and click on Forward


Final finish the setup by selecting Apply in below dialog box screenshot


and Save it by selecting create folder and save as with filename.


By default this will save in xml format

After saving it will display dialog box as below


and double click on Checking account it will display as below


Select date for which date you want to make entry


and enter amount as show in below by selecting categories and enter amount respectively and save it.


I have created a sample accounting for reference have look on below screen shot


Now after creating accounting if you want to create cash flow report then

Go to Reports → Income & Expenses → Cash Flow it will open in new tab as shown below


export You can export by selecting this icon in the report screen

print You can even print by select this icon in the report screen

In addition if you want to make budge and compare with monthly accounting

You can do it by creating Budge in GnuCash.

To create budget follow below procedure

Go to Action → Budget → New Budget

It will open in new tab with Budget as below


First enter salary in your budget according to your monthly salary as below


Then double click on each field where you want to fill the expenses and

fill the expense as below and save it.


and fill the expense as below and save it


14copy using this icon you can give name to the budget filename

For budget flow

select Reports → Budget → Budget Flow

it will open new tab as below


Here left flow is budget flow of this month and right flow is current month accounting

here you can compare to know how much is spent according to budget

My Idea


In future i think this software will do accounting automatically if we are connecting to our banks accounts with this software and it will automatically categorize the transactions we made through banks account.

I wrote this blog in hope that it will be helpful to people in managing there personal accounting.

This software can be used in Small industries or startup company.

If you felt boring with blog reading you can watch video in below youtube link


For industrial purpose you can watch videos in below youtube link


Automate extraction using shell scripting

You can automate extraction using shell script and sql script in four steps

1. Create a sql file

SPOOL /home/username/DateEx/extraction.dsv
select EMPNO||’;’||
from emp;

Save this script as filename.sql [Ex. auto.sql]

2. Create a shell script to connect sqlplus and run a script

sqlplus $login <<EOF

Save the script as [Ex.]

3. Now create another shell scripting so that we can schedule cron job

. /home/username/ 2>&1 > /home/username/DateEx/stderr.log

Save this file as [Ex.]

4. Configuring cronjob

To configure cronjob

enter below command in command line

$crontab -e

and schedule as per your requirement

Example of cronjob

For every day at 12 am

0  0  *  *  * /path/to/script [Ex. 0 0 * * * /home/username/]

For 3rd day of the every month at 12 pm

0 12 3 * * /path/to/script

For weekly job for monday to friday at 12pm

0 12 * * 1-5 /path/to/script

For yearly once in december from 1st 10 days at 11 am

0 11 1-10 12 . /path/to/script

You can download the example file from this link :

In this blog i have used example table which is available in oracle database

Create a empty file or folder with bash script.

Hello everyone,

If you want to create a empty files or folders with simple bash scripting.

First list the file names or folder names that you want to create in notepad or text edit  and then save the text format (ex .txt)

Download the scripts form link :

To download from linux terminal type below command

$git clone

To create empty file run

To create empty folder run

Learning VIM tutorial easy now

VIM is a clone of Bill Joy’s vi editor for Unix. It was written by Bram Moolenaar based on source for a port of the Stevie editor to the Amiga and first released publicly in 1991. Vim is designed for use both from a command-line interface and as a standalone application in a graphical user interface. Vim is free and open source software and is released under a license that includes some charityware clauses, encouraging users who enjoy the software to consider donating to children in Uganda. The license is compatible with the GNU General Public License.

Visit this webpage which helps in learning VIM editor easy way.