How to create voip call to remaind your task using IFTTT App


  1. IFTTT App
  2. Internet or WiFi connection

IFTTT app is one of the Devops app which trigger notification for many kinds devops application like jenkins, docker, github, slack  by creating applet.

Here i will tell you how to use IFTTT app to get remainder over voice over internet call.

Visit link : to download this app for android or iPhone

After download and installing IFTTT app after launch it look as below


Go to My Applets as shown below and select + as highlighted below


After that you will get the screen as below and select on this which is blue colour


and search for date applet as shown below, select date & time applet


After selecting date and time applet you will get screen as below, select your trigger type like every day, every hour, weekly or monthly as you like


For example i am selecting Every day at and you will get below screen here you can setup time ( for example i have setup time at 7:00 AM ) and click on tick mark to redirect next screen


After configuring time you will get screen as below here you see this is replace with date & time applet. Now select that which is blue colour


After selecting that search for voip applet as shown below and select VoIP calls applet


After selecting VoIP Calls applet you will get screen as below and select Call my device


After selecting call my device you will screen as below now enter your message that you want hear over voip call and click on tick mark to redirect to next screen


After configuring voip call applet you get screen as shown below in 1st images.

Now you have to enable Receive notifications when this applet runs as shown below in 2nd image and then click on finish

Screenshot_20180217-232910.png Screenshot_20180217-232921

After selecting finish you will get screen as below it will ON automatically if it not switching ON slide right to ON application.


Now you have successfully configured voip call to get remainder of your important task.



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